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Bob was the Director of Business Development Serenity Systems International. He was active on the past promoting the first version of eComStation. Bob St. John is now retired. The remaining assets of Serenity Systems International were sold to Arca Noae.


Mr. St.John can draw upon his considerable skills in product marketing management, marketing, and business development. He is recognized in the complex world of PC computer software as someone who "can put it all together"; recognize the value of products and technologies, marry these solutions to real world business problems, and engage marketing channels and business partners to deliver revenue. Mr. St.John has extensive knowledge and experience in the PC/LAN, Internet, intranet, and emerging "business"; segments of the computing environment, and the evolving computer models, including the impact of Java and Network Computing software and hardware.

His experience in this industry is extensive and varied, from field sales assignments early in his career, to refining product and marketing strategies in positions of world wide product marketing management. During his IBM career, Mr. St.John has participated in dramatic business model changes as IBM re-engineered itself to be responsive to the rapid and significant changes taking place in the computing environment; from developing a field network of marketing and education centers, to creating new information channels to deliver product and support information to the emerging users of new products and technologies.

These activities included coordinating national conferences, producing over 150 live satellite television broadcasts to customer audiences, producing and editing a series of video tapes and multi-media CD ROMs; conducting training and education for customers, marketing and sales personnel, instructing technical support personnel, even constructing, editing and publishing a special edition of a major trade magazine to support an IBM product launch.

More recently, Mr. St.John has directed marketing campaigns and promotions for IBM's Intel based client and server software, coordinated national business programs and "road-shows" focused on extending IBM brand recognition outside IBM's traditional customer set, and delivered product marketing to IBM's channel and business partners by creating a series of Internet web pages specifically designed for the needs of these resellers.

In 1998, Mr. St.John determined the time was appropriate to launch a new company designed to simplify business computing tools for business. Recognizing the unnecessary complexity which has emerged and become characteristic of the business computing environment, Mr. St.John developed a business model based on "user needs assessment". Starting with the job that needs to be done and working backwards to design a technically elegant solution. Technical elegance is, conversely, characterized by simplicity. And simplicity, in this case, can translate to reasonable business expenses and cost control.

Serenity Systems International is, therefore, dedicated to delivering complete solutions which support an organization's business objectives. Mr. St.John possesses good organizational skills and the ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects of varying degrees of difficulty and complexity, to successful conclusions. Characteristics include a quick, intuitive ability to learn and analyze, to synthesize complex business issues and dynamics into simply understood terms with an accompanying range of solutions. A man who can deal with a fluid work environment and organizational structure, able to adapt to new situations, and remains open and responsive to new ideas.

Things which Mr. St.John brings to Serenity Systems International include a commanding sense of business ethics and integrity, a commitment to the success of users, customers, and business partners, and a sense of humor, which helps balance a demanding work schedule with a high degree of enjoyment for the job ahead.

Contact Information

3408 Hasland Drive
Flowermound, Texas
75022, USA
  • Telephone: 214 769 3867