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Nominated as an "OS/2 Must Have Utility," BOXER is a remarkably full-featured text editor which has quickly become the favorite of all types of computer users. Designed with an emphasis on flexibility, BOXER can be easily configured to suit most every user's taste. Here are some of BOXER's most important capabilities: multi-level Undo and Redo, Color Syntax Highlighting, multiple files and windows, full mouse support, keyboard reconfiguration, support for extended screen sizes, column marking, macros, color, pull-down menus, word processing, and context sensitive online help. Also: search with wildcards, compile within the editor, small footprint shell, graphic drawing mode, auto indent, find mating parenthetical characters, block commands: cut, copy, append, paste, delete, write, print, fill, sort, total, average, case convert, invert, entab, and detab.


  • David Hamel (Boxer Software)