CN17430C/N1743 - OS/2 Problem Diagnosis and Resolution

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Course N1743 - OS/2 Problem Diagnosis and Resolution


Through lectures and lab exercises that replicate real world situations, you'll be taught tactical skills in problem resolution. You'll also receive the OS/2 Survival Kit, a set of tools that have been selected for their ease of use and efficiency.

How you will benefit

Learn how to apply tactical skills to analyze a problem and bring it to a quick resolution.


  • Debug Methodology
    • Problem classifications
      • Developer/user
      • Static/dynamic
      • Onsite/remote debug
  • OS/2 Specific Issues
    • Installation caveats
    • Access control boundaries
    • Address translation mechanisms
    • Address maps, selector usage
    • Module isolation - applications/OS2/libraries/device drivers
  • Problem Scenarios
    • Trap OD, OC
    • Deadly embraces
    • Data corruption
    • Unbalanced priorities
    • PM collapse/lockup
  • Debug Tools
    • IPMD
    • Dynamic error logging
      • Trace - API, protocol, configuration system parameters, OS/2 internal trace
      • ID's
      • Error log - utilities
    • ASDT, ASDT32
      • Installation
      • REXX symbol conversion
    • Kernel debugger (KDB)
      • Installation
      • Utilities
      • Swapper management
      • Mapsym
      • Profit/extra
    • Dump formatter
      • Onsite procedures
      • Remote debug procedures
  • Lab Exercises


Experience installing and using OS/2 programs in Assembler or C as well as programming experience with OS/2 or VM is recommended.