CP10640C / dceapi - DCE Hands-On Application Programming for OS/2, AIX, and Windows

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Course Code: CP10640C

About the Course

In this five-day workshop, formerly known as "OS/2 DCE for Software Developers Workshop," students become familiar with the components of OSF DCE 1.1 by following the development of basic distributed applications using the full complement of DCE tools and services. This workshop is a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on lab work. The student will spend a significant portion of the week writing basic DCE client/server programs in the OS/2 DCE 2.1 32-bit environment.


To explore issues affecting the design and implementation of DCE Application Programs from the OS/2 perspective, and to provide an effective learning environment for writing client/server applications using DCE.


OS/2 application programmers who want to learn the Application Programming Interface (API) of the OSF DCE 1.1, either to assist them in creating DCE applications now or to assist them in understanding the issues involved with DCE for future designs.


The workshop will provide a broad base of understanding of the development of DCE applications in an OS/2 environment. The instruction will include the basic design and distribution issues faced by client/server programmers in a DCE environment using DCE Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs). The course covers the various aspects of the DCE programming model, including security, naming, time service, interface definitions, etc. The knowledge gained will allow the student to understand how to modify existing applications to take advantage of the DCE client/server models.


  • Application development in a distributed environment
  • Developing an application using remote procedure calls
  • Design and distribution issues
  • Using IDL to define a basic interface
  • Developing a basic server and basic client
  • RPC programming topics
  • Using the DCE security service
  • Using the DCE threads service
  • Using the DCE distributed time service
  • Using the DCE directory service


Experienced C language programmers who have written or intend to write distributed applications, or who have application programming experience.