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cWarp (Crappy Warp) is an experiment based on bWarp. It will only work on a Virtual Machine.

  • aWarp was an experiment focused on reorganizing directories.
  • bWarp was an experiment focused on cropping OS/2 things.
  • cWarp is based on replacing things on OS/2 for freeware/opensource software.

The new thing of this release is that:

  • There is a different file structure for directories.
  • Included Freeware and Open Source software.
  • Included freeware or open source replacement of IBM files.

There is no propose on this experiment that just opening a "Can of Worms". So you should not worry about this project or be scared that the world will end, because it will not happen yet.


I'm not putting a gun against your head to use this. Do not use it, it is broken. This is just an experiment with OS/2 Warp 4.52 and it is not intended to be used on productive or critical environments.

It is not stable and it will never have formal support.



An incomplete (not working) release of the image without IBM files is available for download just for people understand the file structure of the experiment:

cWarp Screenshots

Files Structure

HF001.png HF004.png HF002.png HF003.png


This distribution sucks and will never be supported. Do not demand for support, you may ask on the forum for it, but do not expect a solution to any of those problems.


cWarp has may other third parties software on it. It can be said that all the third parties components can be grouped as "Free for non-commercial use"

IBM binaries of this distro are copyright of IBM and only customers that has Warp 4.5, eCS or eventually Blue Lion, can use it. This binaries will not be openly distributed.