CWarp Broken Things

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Issue #1: Reboot - XWorkplace

XWorkplace does not reboot since it depends on DOS.SYS and it has been removed.

Issue #2: DOS.SYS - SNAP

SNAP used to complain that DOS.SYS was not able on boot. The message got removed when OS2LDR was replaced with QSINIT.

Issue #3 - md command is missing

md command to create directories is not available. It seems that OSFree replacements do not have that function.

Issue #4 - VX-REXX Programs broken

There are some issues with VX-REXX programs, even if the vrobj.dll library is there.

- Archive Viewer - ArcView:


Solution: RXQUEUE.EXE was missing.

Issue #5 - ObjectRexx Programs broken

Issue: Arca Noae Package Manager:


SockLoadFuncs seems to be part of ObjectREXX which was removed since BWarp.

Solution: RXSOCK.DLL was missing. Once it is recovered and set on the libpath the software starts working.


If I remove FOLDERS from "SET AUTOSTART=" it will not load the desktop on the next boot.


MONCALLS.DLL from OSFree is a different kind of implementation and not just a forwarder to DOSCALL1.DLL like the rest. Programs that uses MONCALLS.DLL like LSwitcher are not working.