Canon Bubblejet - unable to find printer drivers

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Last update: 6th November, 1995


Unable to find printer drivers.


Cannon Bubblejet-series ink-jet printers.


Warp did not ship with drivers specific to this printer.


I understand that OS/2 printer drivers are available on the Canon BBS (714-438-3325). For most users, however, it may be easier to use the IBM ProPrinter driver and the printer's built-in emulation support.

One user running OS/2 2.1 with a Cannon BJ-200 is using the IBM 4070 IJ driver shipped with 2.1 and says that the IBM driver is an improvement over the driver from the Canon BBS.


If you decide to use the drivers from the Canon BBS, please drop me e-mail and let me know how well they work.

11th February 1995

Jonas Reppe ( writes:

If you want a driver to use with your Canon BJ-10ex, try using the STAR StarJet SJ-48 and see if that works.

Someone (anonymous) wrote:

Warp Connect ships with Cannon Bubble Jet Printer Drivers: OMNI.DRV. This is also available on Compuserve as an self-extacting file, OMNI.EXE (GO CANON).

Tom Grohowski writes (21st October, 1995):

I was wandering around looking for canon bubblejet printer drivers & found an entry on your page for someone who couldn't find them either. One of the proposed solutions was to access canon's bulletin board (I hate the long distance charges). I dug around a little further & found a canon database with all of their drivers on the net. The address is

Frank McKenney