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News, Changes and Bugfixes

Version 3.60
CapiTel is freeware now!
For OS/2 please download version 3.43, it is also free!
Version 3.50
More debug-information is written to capitel.deb
Added Hungarian Language.
Added support for some very uncompliant CAPI implementations.
New install-routine.
Version 3.43
CapiTel can distinguish between ISDN and Analog callers now. (CAPI 2.0 only)
The outgoing calling number can be configured now. (CAPI 2.0 only)
Version 3.42
Callback is only done if the minimum record time has been reached.
Version 3.40
Added more CAPI Debug-Output.
New Installation Wizard!
Version 3.37
Fixed minor date bug in log-file.
Bug in "Save as" on unknown callers fixed.
New options in the View Menu: "Select all" and "Reverse Selection"
Version 3.36
Added a new option "zero_behaviour" to CAPITEL.CFG, with which you can configure the behaviour of a leading 0 in the caller-id's. See CAPITEL.CFG for more information.
Swiss CAPITEL.NUM added
Bug fixed, which caused big problems when using a Teles CAPI 1.1!
Important: Before you run the new version, delete all the old calls!
Now you are able to mark multiple calls and then delete/play them.
If you want to delete a call which hasn't been listened to yet, you get a warning.
New item in the context-menu of a call: Save call to disk.
Danish language added.
You can change the sorting order by clicking on the caller, date, time or destination title bars.
Version 3.33
Fixed a bug: Sometimes the popup-dialog showed a wrong caller
Bugfix for Windows 2000 RC2
Version 3.20
When minimized, CapiTel goes into the SysTray now
Fixed some bugs in the user interface
Added the finnish language
Version 3.12
Fixed a protection fault when adding a new caller (Win9x only)
New languages: dutch and norwegian!
Version 3.11
Shutdown hung when using CapiTel with a Hagenuk CAPI.
Version 3.10
Callback implemented
Callback can be configured time-dependent
Fixed some minor bugs
Fixed some bugs in time-dependent functions
Support of DDI (Direct-Dial-In, only used in some countries (ie. Austria))
Year 2000 approved
Carsten has a new postal address
New configuration dialogs
Fixed a bug when starting a program over dtmf
French version (autodetect)
Spanish version (autodetect)
Version 3.01
CapiTel, if only used as a Caller-ID tool, is FREEWARE now (for this you have to set the ANSWER DELAY to 999 seconds)
Version 3.00
CapiTel is also a full Caller-ID program now
Version 2.29
The DTMF-borders are configurable now
Version 2.28
Some bugfixes in the time-dependent functions
New HELP-menu
After REMOTE CONTROL CapiTel sends "beep beep beep beep beep" instead of "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" now
Switch for a-law or u-law codecs.
Bugfix in the German REMOTE CONTROL
Bugfixes in the configuration when doing wrong inputs
CapiTel can beep via the PC speaker now, when new calls have been received
CAPI 2.0: "Unknown"-entry, if no Caller-ID is available
CAPI 2.0: Some Caller-ID fixes
Bugfixes on DTMF-Codes
Priority of CapiTel can be set via CAPITEL.CFG now
CTI Support
CapiTel can be installed and started multiple times now
Deleted Calls now go to the Recycle-Bin
Fixed a protection fault upon exit of CapiTel
The Installer does not overwrite existing configuration anymore
Fixed wrong buttons in CapiTel
"Ignore empty calls" did not work
Shutdown on Windows NT (if you have the rights to do so) works now
Parameters of DTMF-started programs did not work
Enable/Disable on remote actions did not work
New and better installation
Version 2.27
CapiTel did not work properly on FAT partitions
Workaround for Diehl CAPI 2.0 (100% CPU-load)
Version 2.26
New button/menu-entry to play ALL new calls
New button/menu-entry to add an unknown number to the callers' database
Version 2.25
Support of all versions (English, German and text-mode) in one distribution archive
New installation procedure
Small problem fixed when capi*.dll was present, but the driver was not running
CapiTel can handle CAPI 1.1 and CAPI 2.0 in one executable now
Automatic detection of CAPI 1.1 and CAPI 2.0
Version 2.24
Support of CAPI20.DLL (CAPI 2.0), tested on Diehl DIVA Pro 2.0
First German version
Version 2.23
Max. record time did not work
Workaround for the OS/2 bug, that sometimes CapiTel was not able to play the WAV for an incoming call
First German version (no German ReadMe yet)
CapiTel did not accept WAVs from the Windows-Recorder
CapiTel runs on Eicon/Diehl boards now (tested with Diehl Diva Pro 2.0)
Version 2.10
Important information in the ReadMe, under 'Availability':
You are explicitly allowed to distribute the unmodified CapiTel ZIP-archive on the Internet, on Shareware CD-ROMs, on Bulletin Board Systems and so on.
No more German special characters in CAPITEL.NUM
Time-dependent settings also work in CAPITEL.CFG now
New entry in CAPITEL.CFG: debug_data_b3, set it to 1 if you want to debug B3 Data Packets
EAZ 0 is usable again
Callers-Container did not always refresh correctly
Empty strings in the properties are now exchanged with correct values, ie. '*' for default
Bubble-Help was not available for the "Remote Actions"-Button
Also listening to 3.1 kHz Audio now
"Max. Recording Time" and "Answer Delay"