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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

My freeware CapiTel says that it's still unregistered?

Please make sure that you have downloaded the (latest) freeware version of CapiTel. Also, if you didn't make a new and fresh install, check the file CAPITEL.CFG for the following two entries:

register_name=all friends of CapiTel

When calling CapiTel, can the welcome text be interrupted?

To stop/skip the welcome text, just press the # key on your phone while listening to it.

Can I use CapiTel as a simple CallerID-tool, without answering any calls?

Set the answering delay to 999 seconds. By the way, when doing this, CapiTel is freeware and no more registering nag-screens will pop up!

CapiTel complains about a missing CAPI2032.DLL. Where can I get it?

This DLL is hardware-dependent and must be supplied by the manufacturer of your ISDN adapter. Ask them, not us.

How do I set up an individual .WAV file for all <unknown> callers?

CAPI 2.0: In CAPITEL.CFG search the line beginning with TEXT_UNKNOWN_ANALOG. Then replace the string "unknown" with a fake phone number (e.g. "TEXT_UNKNOWN_ANALOG=9999"). Then add a caller with this number and apply the desired .WAV file. The same applies to unknown isdn caller without caller id. Here you have to edit "TEXT_UNKNOWN_ISDN=9999". CAPI 1.1: In CAPITEL.CFG search the line beginning with TEXT_UNKNOWN. Then replace the string "unknown" with a fake phone number (e.g. "TEXT_UNKNOWN=9999"). Then add a caller with this number and apply the desired .WAV file.

I am using a Teles ISDN Board and I have 100% CPU Load. What to do? That is a problem of the Teles CAPI and we have a workaround for it. Edit CAPITEL.CFG with your favourite editor, search for a line beginning with "capi_set_signal=" and change the 1 to 0.

What does "Record Welcome Text" do?

With this option you can call yourself to record a welcome-text, in case if you are unable to use WAV-files directly. Just choose the option, enter a filename, call yourself with a phone and say the text you want to be recorded. After you hang up you will find the appropriate file in your CapiTel directoy.

I have problems with CapiTel and my Zyxel terminal adapter. What now?

The latest CAPI versions for the Zyxel terminal adapters have some bugs. But we do know that CapiTel works fine with Firmware 1.04 and the ZyCapi32.EXE Version !

CapiTel does not indicate any calls. Other Software runs.

There is no (known) bug in CapiTel. All the time it's just a configuration problem of the ports or the CAPI driver does not indicate any calls. See below for some advices..

Try the following: a) delete all port entries

b) test again

c) if it runs, you had misconfigured port settings. Try different ones (ie. without area code)

If that does not help:

a) delete setupapi.dll from the capitel directory (ie. from c:\program files\capitel)

b) test again

If it still does not run:

a) close capitel

b) edit capitel.cfg, change "filename_debug=" to "filename_debug=capitel.deb"

c) start capitel

d) initiate a call to capitel, then hangup

e) close capitel

f) reverse step "b"

g) search capitel.deb for "API REGISTER". if you don't find it your capi is not installed or has not got a CAPI2032.DLL. CapiTel can not run.

h) search capitel.deb for "CONNECT_IND". if you don't find it then your capi driver does not indicate the call to capitel. capitel can not run.

i) if you find "CONNECT_IND", but capitel does not show the call, send capitel.deb to