Centos 7 ArcaOS Dual Boot

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By Richard Dunkle

Dual boot ArcaOS and Centos Linux 7

This document will show how to install ArcaOS and Centos 7 on the same hard drive. The boot selection will be controlled by the AirBoot (Arca boot manager). We assume a common desktop pc with SATA hard drive and DVD.

Basic assumptions:

  • your hard drive is empty (already wiped clean) with no partitions.
  • you are familiar with installing ArcaOS and Centos
  • you have one hard drive, at least 48 GB

The main thing to remember is to only partition the hard drive with the ArcaOS tools. If Centos adds or changes partitions you will have a mess.

Boot off the ArcaOS DVD. Select: System Management

Centos arca 01.jpg

Select: Disk | Disk Utility

Centos arca 02.jpg

Since the disk is wiped ArcaOS needs to write the LVM information.

  • Click: Fix Problems

Centos arca 03.jpg

  • Click: Close

Centos arca 04.jpg

The system will shutdown. Restart with Ctrl+Alt+Del

Centos arca 05.jpg

Boot up and go into the System Management menu again.

  • Select: Disk | Manage Volumes (Graphical)

Centos arca 06.jpg

  • Click: Volume | Create | Standard | Next

Centos arca 07.jpg

Use the drive letter C and name it: arca, then click: Next

Centos arca 08.jpg

Make the size 15000 MB, uncheck use primary partition,

and click: Allocate from end of free space, then click: Finish

Centos arca 09.jpg

Create drive D 15000 MB (name: linux), drive E 2000MB (name: swap). Use the same options: uncheck use primary partition, and click: Allocate from end of free space. There is still free space if later you decide to add another drive. Drive C is Arca Your screen should now look like this:

Centos arca 10.jpg

Save changes: System | Save Changes

Install the AirBoot. Click: System | Boot Menu | Install/Update

Centos arca 11.jpg

Boot menu is now installed, when you click: Yes

Centos arca 12.jpg

Format the three disks. Select: Disk | Format Disk

Centos arca 13.jpg

The C (for ArcaOS) will be JFS format, volume label: arca, do not need any options.  :

Centos arca 14.jpg

The D (for Centos) will be FAT32, volume label: centos

Centos arca 15.jpg

The E (for Centos swap) will be FAT32, volume label: swap

Centos arca 16.jpg

Shutdown the system. Select: ArcaOS | Shutdown

Centos arca 17.jpg

At this point you can now install ArcaOS as normal.

Install to the C drive

Note: It is easier to control the AirBoot boot manager by turning OFF the timer

Centos arca 52.jpg

We are now ready to install Centos from DVD or usb stick.

Use the BIOS hot key to interrupt the normal boot and boot only from DVD or usb stick.

For this install we can select Server with GUI

Centos arca 19.jpg

The next step is partitioning.

This is a critical step that will wipe out ArcaOS if you do not select the correct Manual Partitioning

Click: Installation Destination

Centos arca 20.jpg

Select: I will configure partitioning. Click: Done

Centos arca 21.jpg

Manual Partitioning dialog. Select:Standard Partition.

  • Notice the two Centos partitions we will use:
  • sda5 (swap partition)
  • sda6 (Centos operating system)

Centos arca 22.jpg

Select sda5, change File System to: swap and check: reformat

Arca centos 23.jpg

Select sda6, Mount Point: /, change File System to: ext4 and check: reformat. Then click: Done

Centos arca 24.jpg

On the next dialog, make sure the correct partitions are selected: sda5 and sda6. Then click: Accept Changes

Centos arca 25.jpg

This dialog should now show: Custom partitioning. Click: Begin Installation

Centos araca 26.jpg

Installation will start, go ahead and create the root password and user creation

Centos arca 27.jpg

After files are copied you will see the Completed dialog. Click: Reboot

Centos arca 28.jpg

The Centos install will have overwritten the AirBoot program.

This is normal and easy to correct.

Centos will now boot from your hard drive

Centos 29.jpg

The initial setup dialog will appear. Click: License Information

Centos arca 30.jpg

After accepting the license, click: Finish Configuration

Centos arca 31.jpg

You should then see the graphical login screen

Centos arca 32.jpg

Then go ahead and power off Centos

Centos arca 33.jpg

Now insert the ArcaOS DVD or usb stick and boot from that media.

Follow the steps to get to the System Management menu.

Then click: Disk | Manage Volumes(Graphical). You will see the three partitions

Centos arca 35.jpg

Click: System | Boot menu | Install/Update

Centos arca 36.jpg

There will be an install dialog. Click: Yes

Centos arca 37.jpg

Click: System | Exit

Shutdown the machine. Remove ArcaOS install media, insert the Centos install media.

Boot from the Centos install media.

Select: Troubleshooting

Centos arca 39.jpg

Select: Rescue a CentOS system

Centos arca 40.jpg

Centos arca 41.jpg

The screen will now get shell a prompt: sh-4.2#

Enter in the following commands:

mount /dev/sda6 /mnt

mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev

mount -o bind /proc /mnt/proc

mount -o bind /sys /mnt/sys

mount -t tmpfs /mnt/tmpfs /mnt/tmp

chroot /mnt

grub2-install --force /dev/sda6

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cf

  • there will be a warning for the grub2-install command. It is benign.

Centos arca 43.jpg

Exit the shell, type: control d. Then enter: reboot

Remove the Centos boot media (usb stick or dvd).

The system should now boot using the ArcaOS AirBoot.

Centos arca 44.jpg

Press: F10 to go into AirBoot setup. Label the partition 02/01 as: Centos

Centos arca 45.jpg

Press: Escape. Save AirBoot settings, press: F10

Centos arca 49.jpg

Press: Y, to save

Centos arca 51.jpg

You should now have the completed dual boot system

Centos arca 48.jpg