Changing the content of a INI File

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By Martin Iturbide

On this article I learned and documented how to change an INI file on OS/2 and eComStation. A INI file is not a text file, so it requires an special software to edit it.

Remember first:

  • Backup your INI files first.
  • Make sure that the INI files are not "read only" before edit them.

Now let's look at an example:

INI Tools

For this example I tried INIEditor from INI Tools and editing the file IBMLVL.INI to change some PATHS.

First I open the program and open the IBMLVL.INI file:

INIEditor 001.png

Then, I click on the "Lock" icon, so the options to edit the INI shows up.

INIEditor 002.png

Later I just select the field that I want to update and click the "Edit Icon". A little window will show up at the buttom allowing you to change the value.

INIEditor 003.png

After that, there is a "Save" button at the bottom-right that will save the change and close the little edit window that shows up.

That's all.


What if value does not change? If I change the value with the tool, but when I open the INI again it is changed?

It may be possible that the INI file is "Read Only". So check the attributes of the file and remove the "read only".