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Clock 01.png
Version 2.30 (1995-08-28)
Author Rick Papo
License GNU GPL V2
Website Source Code Git

Clock provides an analog or digital clock for the OS/2 desktop, and, because my boss wanted it to do so, it also monitors the system load, either as a percentage of CPU usage, or as a count of active tasks. The clock's border changes color from green to yellow to red as the system load increases. The threshold values for these changes can be set by the user.

To translate the program into another language, feel free to make your own version of ENGLISH.DOC, ENGLISH.CMD, ENGLISH.RC and ENGLISH.IPF.


Run the installation file ENGLISH.CMD. It will ask you where you want the program stored and whether you want it to be placed in the startup folder. The job will create a program object and place it either on the desktop or in the system startup folder. This object will have all its attributes set up correctly for running the program.


  • 2.00 (13 Sep 1993) Submitted to Compuserve's OS/2 Forum, September 1993.
  • 2.01 (13 Oct 1993) Disabled logging. [1]
  • 2.10 (15 Nov 1993) Converted to IBM C Set ++ for OS/2.
  • 2.11 (23 Dec 1993)
    • Fixed help manager initialization.
    • Added window animation option.
    • Added exception handler.
  • 2.12 (25 Jan 1994) Further migration to C++.
  • 2.13 (15 Feb 1994) Added Internet address.
  • 2.14 (8 Jun 1994)
    • Now raises priority of idle-time thread during shutdown, insuring shutdown.
    • Fixed bug in RESET command-line option.
    • Fixed bug in repaint after resize.
  • 2.15 (16 Jun 1994)
    • Now uses time/date formatting information from the Country object.
  • 2.20 (18 Jul 1994) Translation to French.
  • 2.21 (24 Oct 1994)
    • Added option to display seconds.
    • Added context menu.
  • 2.30 (28 Aug 1995)
    • Translation to Italian.
    • Added thread ID to exception log.
    • Added Close option to context menu.



  • Spanish by Rick Papo and Xavier Caballe.
  • German by Dr. Herbert Klaeren, University of Tübingen
  • Catalan by Xavier Caballe
  • French by Raphael Vanney
  • Italian by Renato Rolando