CompuServe PPP instructions for the IBM Web Explorer

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By Tim Bretz


To: Don P. Babcock

Fr: Tim Bretz CS Representative

Re: World Wide Web access OS/2.

Thank you for using Feedback. I am writing in response to your recent inquiry concerning using OS/2 Internet client applications with your CompuServe account.

To establish a PPP connection through CompuServe, you must have Warp's Internet Access Kit (IAK) installed on your machine. You must also have the PPP update installed, which you can obtain from as /pub/PPP/PPP.ZIP, or you can download the file from the OS/2 USERS forum, GO OS2USER, in library 20 with the filename $PP.ZIP.

Once you have the PPP update installed, you need to open the Dial Other Internet Providers object in the Internet Utilities folder. Choose the Add Entry object, or select Add Entry from the Configure pull-down menu, then configure dialer as follows:

Login Info page of the settings notebook:

  • In the NAME: field, type CIS or PPP or some other "name" for this connection.
  • In the DESCRIPTION: field, enter a description for this connection.
  • For the LOGIN ID: field, enter the following:
  • Enter your password in the Password: field.
  • In the PHONE NUMBER: field, enter your CompuServe connection phone number.
  • Enter the following information into the LOGIN SEQUENCE:
  • Set the INACTIVITY TIME OUT to the desired number of minutes for the dialer to wait before automatic hangup.

Connect Info page of the settings notebook:

  • Set the MRU (Maximum Receive Unit) to 1500.
  • Place a check in the VJ Compression checkbox.
  • Enter or in the DOMAIN NAMESERVER: field.
  • Enter in the YOUR DOMAIN NAME: field.

Server Info page of the settings notebook:

  • Enter in the NEWS SERVER: field.
  • Leave the other fields blank.

Modem Info page of the settings notebook:

  • Select your modem type, com port, desired baud rate, data bits 8, and parity NONE.

After adding the above information, close the settings notebook and choose SAVE. To establish your PPP connection, select the NAME of the connection and choose DIAL. You will then see the initialization of the modem, the dialing, the logging in, and you should see the following messages in the Status Window:

 notice : ipcp_up: remote IP address 
 notice : VJ TCP header compression enabled
 info   : default route assigned through 
 [PPP]    Enter Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break to End Session

When you see the above message, then the connection is complete. You must leave the dialer running while you have the PPP connection active. You may want to minimize the dialer after the connection is established.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send another Feedback message. We are always ready to assist you.


Tim Bretz CompuServe Technical Support