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ConfigTool is CONFIG.SYS editor with searchable database which explains the entries, sort and checking routines, boot/recovery options and suggestions for optimization. CFGTOOL.DAT is based on OS2CFG11.DAT for ConfigInfo 4.0 by Rick Meigs. All entries from the CM2CFG.DAT for ConfigMaint/2 are also included and some of the howto.dat (which has only been seperated to speed up ConfigMaint/2). Included is ConfigCompare - tool to compare CONFIG.* files.

New in version 1.3.0:

  • expanded Cfgtool.dat (1527 entries)
  • fixed bugs in path like statements in 'check'
  • partially enabled editing of config.sys in 'check' window
  • change size of description area in main window with up and down arrows.



ConfigTool is free software but it is not public domain. The authors retain all copyright to the application and all files (except the CFGTOOL.DAT) within it. As the CFGTOOL.DAT is compiled from many different sources (e.g. from ConfigInfo by Rick Meigs, information mailed by users or published somewhere else) it is NOT copyrighted. You may use ConfigTool yourself and you may distribute it to others so long as all files are left unchanged. You may not distribute ConfigTool in any way which leads to your making a profit from it. This means that you can only charge enough to cover the costs of media, postage etc. involved in distribution. Also you may not use it as an incentive to buy something else. If you are in any doubt you should contact the authors. The author's permission must be obtained before ConfigTool is included on a magazine disc and P.D. libraries. You should, as a matter of courtesy, inform the authors when you are planning to distribute the application and send one copy of magazine disc to the authors.



  • Björn Söderström (Swedish)
  • Guillaume Gay (French)
  • Yuri Prokushev (Russian)