Corel has announced Corel Office for Java

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by Derek Clarkson

For those of you who haven't heard, Corel Corporation are releasing their Corel Office suite next year, fully re-written in Java. So what does this mean?

Well if Java lives up to the expectations we have for it then this means that this suite will be fully able to run under OS/2 without recompilation.

PC Week labs recently obtained a copy of a beta of the suite and basically remarked that they thought it was very slow when running under a Web browser and a bit quicker when running in stand alone mode. However the beta was a very early one with many features disabled.

If your interested in finding out more then click here to surf over to Corel for a closer look. BTW, the full contents of the suite are unknown at this time, how we do know that Quatro Pro and WordPerfect are in it and being Corel, we also expect to see one or more of their leading drawing packages as well.