Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard

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Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard
Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard.jpg
Port: USB
Rating: Cell green.gifCell green.gifCell green.gifCell white.gif
Driver: USBKBD

General Specs

  • Model: Corsair
  • HardwareID: 1B1C:1B2D
  • Release Date:

General Comments

Report by Mark Szkolnicki

Just like the K70 keyboard, it works fine connected through both a KVM switch (tested with a 8 port Belkin) as well as directly connected to a host computer, under ArcaOS.

By default it does not work on ArcaOS or OS/2. It is needed to be enabled the "BIOS Mode" of the keyboard by pressing the "WinLock" key (on the K95 this is located at the top left of the keyboard as a specialty key with a Lock symbol on it) for five seconds, when the keyboard is powered, and then holding down the F1 key (so both keys are pressed) for an additional 5 seconds.

After that release the WINLOCK key - the keyboard LED's go off then back on, and the Scroll Lock LED on the keyboard should blink continuously. After a second, release the F1 key.

Using that procedure the K95 keyboard is now recognized when I boot up ArcaOS, including the colour keyboard display which I had enabled. The K95 Platinum keyboard layout is essentially the same as the K70, with the addition of the Gaming Keys (G1-G6).

Hardware Report