Could not locate VROBJ.DLL during install

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Last updated: 11 Feb 1995


Customer is attempting to run the BonusPak Installation Utility (INSTALL.CMD). The program starts up and issues five "1 file(s) copied" messages and then pops up an error box that states: " BPIU.EXE - COULD NOT LOCATE VROBJ.DLL ".


Somehow the customer's LIBPATH statement has been changed such that the ".;" (dot semicolon) has been deleted from the LIBPATH. The LIBPATH statement in CONFIG.SYS should look similar to this: LIBPATH=.;C:\OS2\DLL;C:\OS2\MDOS; continuing on to the end. NOTE: C is drive where OS/2 Warp is installed.


If your customer is experiencing this error with the BonusPak Installation Utility, have the customer check his CONFIG.SYS file and look for the .; in the LIBPATH statement. It normally should be the first entry in the list of subdirectories. On a newly installed machine it is the first item. It may however be located anywhere on the LIBPATH= line. Ask the customer if he might have edited this line in his CONFIG.SYS or installed any applications that stated that they were going to edit or update CONFIG.SYS. That will be the way to determine how the line might have gotten modified. OS/2 Warp needs the .; in the LIBPATH to function correctly.

A missing .; in the LIBPATH can result in all sorts of errors occurring with different programs of the BonusPak and the system in general.


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