Creating a WPS Object

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In the Workplace Shell you have classes that has been registered, and you can create objects of each class (depending the class type).

This is a quick sample on how to create a new object based on a WPS Class.

REXX Code Sample

This is a sample of creating a WPClock object on the Desktop.

/* OS2CLOCK.CMD - Install the old OS/2 WPClock desktop object */
IF RxFuncQuery('SysCreateObject') THEN CALL RxFuncAdd 'SysCreateObject','RexxUtil','SysCreateObject'
not='not '
IF SysCreateObject('WPClock','Clock','<WP_DESKTOP>') THEN not=''
CALL CharOut '','Desktop object "Clock"' not'created successfully. Press <ENTER>... '

Using oo Command

You can also create a clock object by using this command:

oo /n WPClock

To delete the object you can execute:

oo /d "C:\Desktop\WPClock" f

WPClock is undeletable, so the 'f' forces its deletion.