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by Colin Hildinger (March 3rd, 1997)

Installing OS/2 support

In light of the apparent demand, I have written a script for the Creative Labs installation program to install any of the previously separately packaged programs. The programs include:

  • The CTAV package
  • The CAPOS2 package
  • The Latest SB16 and AWE32 drivers available from IBM.
  • The Latest SB16 and AWE32 WinOS2 drivers available from IBM.

Please note that the install will, by default, install all of the package into the MMOS2 directory. If you change this directory, you CANNOT install the drivers during that run. You can however install the applications into one directory, restart the installer and install the drivers into the MMOS2 directory.

You might ask: What's the furkin' point of this? Well, first, it consolidates the installs. It makes it easy for Warp 3 users to set up WinOS2 support. Also, it lets Warp 4 users install and use the AWE32 Control Panel and solves the problem of older DLLs being copied over the newer ones, disabling the AWE control panel.

Please note that this .zip file contains directories and if you're using PKUNZIP, you will need to use the -d option when you unzip it into a temporary directory. I recommend the freeware unzip utility. It is available from many sources, one is

OK, here's the beta [~2.6 meg], in .zip format.