DCF77 decoder for Gude Expert Mouse Clock serial

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DCF77 is a time signal and is broadcasted at 77.5 kHz from Frankfurt/Main Germany with a range of 2000 km. With the received signal the program sets local clock. Details see http://www.dcf77.de/


  • Supported hardware: Serial Gude Expert Mouse Clock connected to any serial is supported on OS/2
  • Sets system time and timezone
  • Multi stage statistic algorithm for decoding signal
  • Low CPU utilization and memory usage
  • No need to detect missing second of DCF77 signal. So program can run in regular and not in timecrital priority. Even on a heavy loaded system decoding should work fine.
  • Clean I/O over standard api
  • Highly portable
  • Native for OS/2



  • Open Source - BSD 2-Clause