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Driver for DCF-77 or GPS receiver and WPS clock.

This software package contains a driver for various DCF-77 or GPS devices. The DCF-77 is a rf-sender in Germany, that transmits the german local time and may be received in a lot of European countries. GPS is the "global positioning system" based on satellites, that may also be used to get the standard time (UTC), that may be converted to standard time by this driver. This driver sets the system time on successful receipt of a time data package.

Also contained in this software package there is a new version of the OS/2 system clock. It looks identical to this clock, but has a lot of enhancements compared to that. For example, its outlook may be configured in may ways. Of course it also contains additional settings panels to control the DCF/GPS driver (if available) and shows the daylight saving time.

Additonally, this package contains the client of the LAN::TIME product. This is used to receive time packages via NetBIOS, sent out by the server application, which is part of the server edition of this DCF77 package.

New in this version:

  • It is now possible, to play a sound file at every striking of the hour (if the OS/2 multimedia package is installed).
  • Bitmaps may be used to customize the face and hands of the clock. Some examples are contained in this package.
  • Additional to the standard alarm function you may now also start a "reminder timer". It may be started by a simple click on the system context menu and elapses after a configurable interval.

Supported Hardware


  • Shareware



  • Download: dcf_53sw.zip Version 5.3 - German