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Version 3.44
Author Don K. Eitner
License BSD Style license
Download Version 3.44
Website N/A

OS/2 PM calculator with all common and some uncommon functions. This little calculator has dual concurrent memories (ie. M1+, M1-, M1C, M2+, M2-, M2C), save and load functions for storing memory results long-term and easily recalling them, factorials (x * x-1 * x-2...), percentages, square roots, X to the Y power, X squared, factorials and more.

Revision History

  • Version 3.44 fixes a crash when using the numeric keypad for input which crept in at v3.43.
  • Version 3.43 adds logic to avoid asking for language file on every use when langauge file is not found.
  • Version 3.42 adds multi-lingual support through plain text .LNG files - includes English, Spanish & Russian.