DOS and/or WIN-OS/2 Sessions Problems on ArcaOS

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Arca Noae has comment on their website that this is a common issue running ArcaOS (OS/2) on modern hardware. [1]. It says "Generally, this is due to an incompatibility in the BIOS of the system with the DOS VDM code in ArcaOS (inherited from IBM’s OS/2 Warp 4)."

DOS window mode shows wrongly

This is a problem found on a Thinkpad L420. DOS and Win-OS2 works fine in fullscreen, Win-OS2 also works fine on window mode, but DOS on window mode shows wrong/group/superimposed characters on the command line.

Like this image:

Error on DOS session on ArcaOS 5.0.3

Commands on the DOS will work, like for example "exit" will close the window, but the characters just don't look right.

It was suggested to use:

DEVICE=X:\OS2\MDOS\VSVGA.SYS /int10textgrfxsafe

But on this case /int10textgrfxsafe does not solve the problem.

Arca Noae offers this workaround "Another option, when full screen sessions work but windowed ones do not, is to open a full screen session first, and then press Alt-Home to switch it to a windowed session (this only works for DOS sessions, not OS/2 full screen and windowed sessions)."
That is a good trick that worked on the Thinkpad L420.
There is an experimental patch on which Arca Noae had been working - vio-1.0.wpi. You can find it on Arca Noae Ticket system. Ticket 1193

Problem: DOS Session quits after pressing any key

After starting a full-screen DOS session, a screen with "C:\" appears. After pressing any key, the screen closes and the popuplog.os2 is formed.

19.11.2020  22:58:30  SYS   0  PID 0038  TID 0001  Slot 00A7
P1=FB92E113  P2=2F0CE14B  P3=FF62F000  P4=FEE2E10E
EAX=00006247  EBX=0000FFFF  ECX=0000E118  EDX=0000FEC2
ESI=000091C3  EDI=00001240
DS=0348  DSACC=1092  DSLIM=00010FFF
ES=FFFF  ESACC=0000  ESLIM=00000000
FS=0000  FSACC=0000  FSLIM=00000000
GS=0000  GSACC=0000  GSLIM=00000000
CS:EIP=EB00:00000313  CSACC=0000  CSLIM=00000000
SS:ESP=FFFF:00000A74  SSACC=0000  SSLIM=00000000
EBP=00000A6A  FLG=000A6212

Reported on a Motherboard Asrock B85. BIOS UEFI and compatible.


Disable DOS=UMB

Set in config.SYS