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Dan Libby is currently a Software Engineer at Open Source Consulting, S.A. Dan was also involved in porting Netscape to the OS/2 platform.

Contact Information

Republishing Permission

Dan Libby gave permission to republish his web site and articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike. Martin Iturbide obtained that permission on May 31 of 2013.

Websites & Articles

by William A. Law, Dan Libby, Martin C. Warnett:

  • [Netscape Navigator 2.02 for OS/2 Warp Installation]
  • [Netscape for OS/2: RealAudio Installation]
  • [Netscape for OS/2: Helper Applications]
  • [Netscape for OS/2: 3rd Party Products]
  • [Netscape for OS/2: Developer Resources]
  • [Netscape for OS/2: Documentation]
  • [Netscape for OS/2: Frequently asked questions]
  • [Netscape for OS/2: Known problems]
  • [Netscape for OS/2: Tips and Tricks]
  • [Netscape for OS/2: OS/2 HTML Authoring Products]
  • [Netscape for OS/2: Communicator for OS/2 Status]

Software Developed

  • VoiceChat/2 - GNU GPL
  • Bummer!
  • MegaClip