Daniela Engert

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Daniela is one of the most famous women in the OS/2 scene. She is know for coding some great device drivers like DANIADSK.FLT, DANIATAP.FLT, DANIATAPI.FLT, DANIBOOT.FLT, DANIDASD.DMD, DANIN512.FLT and Danis506.add. She had been called an Angel by many OS/2-eCS users, since her drivers gave support for newer hardware under OS/2.


  • DaniS506
  • DaniATAPI
  • DaniBOOT
  • DaniDASD
  • PCMCIA TI Cardbus



  • PRG04 - OS/2 Device Driver Programming - What You Don't Find In The Books - Warpstock 2002