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DATAPAD (PADHD) is a "scratch pad" to jot notes in and organize small files into. While PADHD is NOT a WORD PROCESSOR It has several features to help make managing notes a lot easier - such as cut, clear, copy, paste, search, undo, and save to ASCII, import ASCII file, and an ASCII dump to the printer. At its simplest it is merely a note pad. At it's most it is a great note organizer for students, teachers, programmers (source code files and examples), and any one with a lot of information to handle. Open Source under the GNU GPL V2 license.


Requires OS/2 2.x, OS/2 Warp 3.x, or OS/2 4.x (NOT compatable with jPadHD)


  • DataPad 3.0 [1]


Open Source under the GNU GPL license