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David P. Both has been in the computer industry since 1974.

A 21 year veteran of IBM Corporation, Mr. Both spent his last seven years there as the lead support person for OS/2 Warp with the IBM Personal Computer Company, he was responsible for training IBM support professionals in the US and Canada on OS/2 Warp. He also spent four years in Boca Raton, Florida, as an IBM Course Development Representative. During that time, in 1981, he wrote the first course on how to fix the original IBM PC.

He was co-author of the book Inside OS/2 Warp, New Riders Publishing, 1995. (Chapter 22, Troubleshooting).

He has published articles in trade publications including OS/2 Magazine, LAN Magazine, Carolina Computer News, and the Chinese language periodical (Taiwan) "OS/2 Warp". Mr. Both is the author of The DataBook for OS/2.

Mr. Both is an IBM Certified OS/2 Engineer Charter Member. He belongs to the Triangle OS/2 User's Group, The Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc. (POSSI), and VOICE.


Republishing Permission
David Both gave permission to release his OS/2 databook articles under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Martin Iturbide requested this on 6-Mar-2013 and received the permission the same day.