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David Moskowitz is President of Productivity Solutions, a Norristown, Pennsylvania-based skills transfer company that helps its clients deal with technology change. He is a featured author with David Kerr of OS/2 Warp Unleashed (published 1995, SAMS Publishing). David is the author of Converting Applications to OS/2 (1989, Brady Books), contributing editor to OS/2 Magazine and Editor-in-Chief of The OS/2 Advisory. He developed and presented the first workshops offered as part of the IBM Developer Assistance Program on converting applications to OS/2 in 1989. Since then, he has worked with many developers to help them make full use of OS/2. David is a highly rated ColoradOS/2 speaker returning for his fifth conference.


  • call32 - How to call 32-bit code from 16-bit apps - Source code available
  • bootdr - Source code available


  • Converting Applications to OS/2 - Brady Books 1989
  • OS/2 2.1 Unleashed
  • OS/2 Warp Unleashed - SAMS 1995


Warpstock 2000

  • OS/2 Problem Solver
  • PRG-08 - Getting Expected Results from Java
  • Real World OS/2
  • Java in the Real World: A case study

Warpstock 1999

  • What you don't know about Java Security will hurt you
  • OS/2 Problem Solver
  • OS/2 - Then, Now and ???

ColoradOS/2 - 1996

  • Java Jumpstart - Introduction to Java
  • Developing Java Applications
  • OS/2 Consulting
  • OS/2 Warp Unleashed (Updated for Merlin)
  • So You Want To Be an Author
  • The State of the OS/2 Marketplace