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David C. Saville operated D Z Consulting and was a member of VOICE development team for PMMail for OS/2 and eComStation. Located in Orpington, Kent, UK. He passed away February 25, 2016.


  • ClipView Suite
  • Duplicates.pl - Perl script to find file duplicates across disks.
  • fuser - Script - OS/2 REXX script to display user(s) of a given file.
  • MailChecker widget - Script
  • PMMail
    • pmmail2moz.cmd - OS/2 REXX script to convert PMMail address books to CSV files for import into Mozilla.
    • pmmail_multifilter.cmd - OS/2 REXX script to allow multiple scripts to be run from the PMMail REXX "Message Receive" exit. Based on multifilter.cmd from Weasel.
  • rmunzip.cmd
  • UptimeXWP widget



  • [1] (archived)
  • PAWS. Ports Applications & WisheS [2]