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David was employed at Mensys, where he was involved in the development of eComStation. For eComStation version 1.1 he was the lead in the development of the new installer, which with improvements by others is still the basis of the eComStation Installation CD. Since he bought his first computer he has been active in several OS/2 related groups, and released a couple of programs (ASCII Table, Activity Monitor, xDel, etc.). He currently was a board member of the editorial board of the Dutch OS/2 quarterly Draad/2.

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  • A True Revolution for OS/2 – eComStation, OS/2 Voice, October 2005
  • OpenSource/2? – Waarom OS/2 nooit OSS wordt”, Draad/2, Jaargang 13, nummer 1, April 2008
  • StarOffice as Desktop [2]
  • OS/2 & eComStation Tips & Tricks [3]
  • Backout from an OS/2 Fixpak [4]


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