Dialog Enhancer

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Dialog Enhancer
DEnhancer 001.gif
Version 6.10g
Author Richard Castle
License Shareware
Download [dat610e4.zip]
Website Archived (1999)

Dialog Enhancer '99 is a desktop enhancer for OS/2 Warp 4.


  • Colour Manager
  • Additional application support
  • New desktop look by resizing dialogs, adding new icons and changing the font to WarpSans
New system font
All enhanced dialog boxes now use WarpSans supplied with Warp 4.0 onwards. As a result, less space is required and the font is much easier on the eye.
Control positioning
Buttons, text boxes, labels are resized and re-positioned by hand to ensure a consistent layout. In many cases, dialog boxes are significantly reduced in size.
New graphics
New image resources are added to many dialogs to enhance their appearance. Many old dialog graphics have also been spruced up.
Extra Information
Some of the more complex dialog boxes have extra assistance text added to better convey information to a user.
Memory optimization
Bitmap and icon resources have redundant frames removed to reduce space required on the hard disk as well as memory.
3rd party apps
In addition to the default OS files, several 3rd party applications are supported and can be visually updated.
Adjustments to the display of icons allow the user to enjoy smaller icons at larger resolutions. Window movement is also improved by eliminating the horizontal jump drag bug.