Displaying an Application with Japanese Characters Correctly

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If you are using an occidental version of OS/2 you will notice that Japanese characters look broken if you run a Japanese application.

JPChar 001.png

To be able to view the applications correctly with Japanese font you need to:

Install the Japanese codepage on the config.sys'

On the config.sys you can set up two codepages like:

Use CpPal application to define the code page to an specific application.'

JPChar 002.png

  • Open the Japanese application
  • On CpPal you need to set on the list to "932 d Japan"
  • On CpPal drag the "set" icon and drop it into the Japanese application.

You will not notice any change yet.

Use a font that contains all Japanese characters.'

On this case I'm using "Times New Roman WT J".

JPChar 003.png

  • Open the "Font Palette"
  • Search for "Times New Roman WT J", select a size and put it on the list.
  • Drag the font into the Japanese application. You may need to drag it to several parts, like window tittle, content and buttons.

And now the application should look with a correct set of Japanese fonts.

JPChar 004.png