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Douglas Clark has been using OS/2 since Hector was a pup and doing various things to and with databases for even longer. He finds himself programming in a number of different languages on a day to day basis and yet he is not an expert in any of them. He considers his day to be success if the computer does not catch fire.

Doug Clark is part of the WarpDoctor project team developing the new WarpDoctor web site. WarpDoctor is a project of OS2Voice. He was the DB2 administrator for Warpdoctor site. [1]

Republishing Permission

Doug Clark gave permission to republish his OS/2 articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Martin Iturbide obtained that permission on August 6 of 2013 via e-mail.




  • DEM-05 : WarpIN - the Free Installer - Warpstock 2003
  • GEN-03 : WarpDoctor - the Site - Warpstock 2003