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This is a DLL for use with DrDialog which provides for example a progress bar and flyover help which is missing in the base package. You may freely set colors, font and label. The delay of the fly over help and the time to show it are settable.


  • A percent bar (DRD_PERCENTBAR)
  • A fly overhelp control (DRD_BUBBLEHELP)
  • New with V01.1.2: An image control (DRD_IMAGE) which displays any image file supported by OS/2.
  • New with V0.1.2: a directory picker
  • New with V0.1.5: a histogram control showing the histogram of an image
  • Some functions are included to set the parent-child relationship between dialogs.



Version 0.1.5 [1] was released as a full package, complete with sources, versions 0.1.6 and 0.1.7 were only released as bug fixed DrCtl01x.dll's and no sources for that were ever released, but there were no feature changes so you can just swap the dll files.


  • Full source is included.
  • BSD 3 Clauses alike