Drivers for Panasonic CD-ROM 581 in Sound Blaster Kit

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Last update: 10th February, 1996

I spent a lot of time finding the os2 driver for this CDROM. I finally found it at: The name of the file is 57_8xos2.exe. It solved my problem but I had to manually install it.

I copied the driver MKEATAPI.ADD (it's one of the file that is unzipped once you run 57_8xos2.exe) to the os2 directory d:\os2. The README file mentions that the /A: parameter only takes a value of 0 or 1. If your setup is like mine, and you need to put 2, forget it altogether and put only the /P:xxx and /I:xx parameter.

The remainder of the README file is correct. I followed the instruction to REM out the basedev=ibmidecd.flt and put the parameter /I at the end of basedev=ibm1s506 /I and everything worked fine.

BTW: the driver enables CD Audio.

Eric Lavoie