Dual Module Player

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Dual Module Player
Version 1.09
Vendor Theta Band Software
Author Julien Pierre
License Freeware
Download DMP109.zip
Website Archived Web Site

This is a port of DOS module player. Dual Module Player for OS/2 is a program for playing music modules on different sound systems on IBM PC compatible machines. It uses the DSMI - Digital Sound & Music Interface - to achieve high quality sound and wide sound card support.

It supports the following module formats : MOD, NST, STM, S3M, 669, FAR, MTM, AMF

It can use MMPM/2 with playlists, or the latest sound interface from IBM, Direct Audio. This will allow DMP to work real-time.

DMP is the most extensive OS/2 module player and also the fastest, because the mixing code is written in 32-bit assembly, and it takes advantage of DART - Direct Audio Real Time.

DMP is available in two versions : one with a text-mode interface, and another with a Graphical User Interface for Presentation Manager.



  • 1.09
  • [dmppm075.zip] 0.75 for Presentation Manager