Durand Communications Network and AdeptSoft Announce Alliance to Port MindWire NT to OS/2

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Santa Barbara, CA. and Boca Raton, FL., August 16, 1995: Durand Communications Network, Inc. (Durand) today announced a strategic and technological alliance with AdeptSoft to port Durand's new MindWire NT to OS/2 and OS/2 for the PowerPC.

"Following the successful completion of the eSoft/Durand alliance, we are aggressively pursuing alliances which will further embed MindWire as the online and Internet server of choice. This affiliation with AdeptSoft is an important step towards Durand's goal of creating 'Online software with No Limits.' Adding an OS/2 and UNIX version of the MindWire server breaks down the operating system barrier," says Andre Durand, CEO of Durand.

"Durand has done it right with MindWire. Forming an alliance between eSoft/Durand and now with AdeptSoft sends a clear signal to online developers that Durand is serious in its goal of enabling users to create powerful, interactive, multi-media online systems... now developers won't have to leave their favorite operating system," says Steven Tower, President of AdeptSoft.

"AdeptSoft is a pioneer in 32 bit communications technology. Their experience in multi-threading and with the PowerPC will help Durand offer faster, stronger cross-platform tools for any size developer," says Phil Becker, President of eSoft, Inc. and Director of Durand.

The Durand/AdeptSoft alliance calls for AdeptSoft to port Durand's MindWire Server and Client technology to run as native OS/2 applications running on Intel and PowerPC machines. AdeptSoft also will incorporate the MindWire client into its award winning AdeptXBBS product.

"AdeptSoft regards this alliance as a great opportunity to work with some of the most experienced and visionary minds in the online industry. Combining this alliance with our working relationship with IBM will help AdeptSoft in its expansion into remote workgroup software," says John Lawlor, CEO of AdeptSoft.

MindWire is a powerful online services platform developed for the online and Internet community. MindWire allows you to create a dynamic multimedia online service offering simultaneous modem, network, and Internet connectivity options. Out of the box, MindWire comes with E-Mail, Messaging, Chat, Classified Ads and more. MindWire provides a robust Database API and Developers Guide for the creation of third party client/server applications using any Windows programming tool. "MindWire is the next generation World Wide Web-- the applications are entirely interactive and users can access content from some of the most powerful databases available," says Andre Durand, CEO Durand.

AdeptSoft was founded in 1994 in Boca Raton, Florida to develop and market innovative communications software technology. AdeptSoft's first released product, AdeptXBBS, won "Best OS/2 Product" at Cyber.Xpo.95. AdeptXBBS provides clients with a seamless migration path for the development of their online service using a standard BBS (Bulletin Board System) environment on the OS/2, OS/2 for the PowerPC and UNIX platforms. Users of AdeptSoft’s server software can take full advantage of the power and flexibility of today's computers without sacrificing compatibility with tomorrow's power computing platforms. AdeptSoft is a division of i-way communications, inc.

Durand Communications Network, Inc. (Durand), founded in 1991 in Santa Barbara, California, provides software products and services for the online and Internet community. Durand is a leading provider in vertical market applications and has over 1500 clients online and an estimated 150,000 online enthusiasts using Durand products. Durand has gained an in-depth understanding of the online community as it exists today, and possesses the technical capability and vision to seize tomorrow's opportunities.


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