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Duplicate File Finder for OS/2.


  • E-Racer/2 is the worlds' fastest duplicate file finder for OS/2. It is a 32 bit native OS/2 application that can ferret out duplicate files on your hard disk or network, optionally show them to you, and then assist you in deleting them.
  • E-Racer/2 prioritizes your duplicate files in order of file size, so that you can concentrate on the "big ones" first. This will help you free up disk space in the shortest time possible.
  • Did you ever unzip a ZIP file, and keep the original Zip laying around? E-Racer/2 can look inside ZIP files and tell you if any of the Zip members are unzipped anywhere on your disk or network! E-Racer/2 can find individual duplicate files in multiple Zips. E-Racer/2 will even let you surgically delete individual files inside a Zip!
  • If you are not sure if you want to delete a file that is duplicated, E-Racer/2 will help show it to you with its Smart Viewer feature. E-Racer/2 can be configured to pop up your favorite graphics viewer on graphics files, your word processor for duped DOC files. It will even pop up your MIDI or WAV player and sing your duped music or sound files to you. Yes, E-Racer/2 can even whistle Dixie [if you happen to have two identical DIXIE.MID files] You can use E-Racer/2's Smart Viewer with any OS/2 application that accepts file names on the command line.
  • E-Racer/2 uses sophisticated signature analysis of the files on your computer or network to make comparisons. It can find duplicate files even if you rename them. If you have a large hard disk or network, try our database feature that takes a snapshot of all your file signatures. Next time you run E-Racer/2, use the database to vastly speed up scan times.
  • E-Racer/2 can do "fuzzy" comparison of GIF files. This allows you to find and delete GIFs with similar contents. Use the "Graphics Smart Viewer" feature to view the GIFs prior to deletion.
  • E-Racer/2 handles FAT, HPFS and NTFS via Peer Network. Long file names? No problem!
  • E-Racer/2 is small - About 200k executable size! Compare our feature set with the competition that weighs in at 1.9 megabytes for slower and poorer performance. We are trying to save disk space, not use it up with bloatware!
  • E-Racer/2 is a VIO application, compatible with "Presentation Manager". That means you can run it on your PM desktop like any other PM application, or run it as a full screen OS/2 application without PM. You get the best of both worlds!
  • E-Racer/2 is compatible with VoiceType Navigation. Use your voice to run many E-Racer/2 features!

Release History

v1.4 April 5th, 1998

  • When a default ERACER2.INI was used, Smart Viewer Associations broke. Fixed.


  • A user with lots of free memory and a large, but nearly empty swap file had a crash problem when opening the Setup Dialog page 1. I wish I had his problem. Fixed.


  • If no ERACER2.INI file exists, a default one was not created. This caused a crash later when the user tried to run the program. Fixed.
  • If a wildcard search produced no "hits", the program would crash. Fixed.
  • Program quit gracefully, but unexpectedly if user deleted all entries in dupe list. Changed program to display timed message and return to main menu. This allows you to select some Fixed a typo in the MSG file. Added some new phrases in English file.
  • Improved command line help (-? or -h) behavior. Now help displays itself in such a way that you can actually read it :)


  • Added debug logging for people that want a list of all duplicate files found. It creates a file called DUMP.LOG that contains the list. Previous DUMP files are renamed DUMP.000, DUMP.001, DUMP.002... If you use this feature, make sure you periodically delete the old ones- they are big!
  • Fixed the bug in the first setup page where you could not enter paths to search, even if you shut off all the drive letters. You had to click on some other cluster in the dialog to activate the path fields. Now the path fields activate as soon as all the drive letters are un-checked.
  • Renamed the product to E-Racer/2. This avoids a conflict with an existing Windows product that does duplicate file deletion. Dupefind for Windows is not an IDK product, although we may develop one using the same algorithm if there is enough interest.
  • Removed the Beta dropdead date. The version 1.0 product will die on 1 June 1998! Registration numbers obtained for the 1.0 release will work just fine on the new version. Just overwrite the EXE or re-run the installer that comes with the new version.


  • DupeFind 1.0 virgin release!