EComStation 2.x Installation on Thinkpad Yoga 14

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This document is a draft of trying to install eComStation 2.2 Beta 2 on a Thinkpad Yoga 14.


  • Thinkpad Yoga 14 - 20DM-008UUS

Preparing Thinkpad BIOS

For the moment eCS does not have UEFI support so you need to enable the UEFI legacy mode on the Thinkpad BIOS.

To do this you need to access the BIOS by making a complete shutdown of the machine. If you are using Windows 8 or 10 you need to press "Shift" key and select "Shutdown". After that the machine is complete shut down (Because it has some hybrid thing that does not complete shutdown normally).

More information at this Lenovo's article. [1]

After that you can turn on the machine and press "F1" after Windows boots. You will now access to the BIOS.

Once you are on the BIOS you need to do three thing.

1) Disable the "Boot Security".


2) After disabling the security you can finally select UEFI Legacy mode or both.


3) Check out how you are going to install eComStation on this "CD/DVD driveless machine" to check the "Boot order".

4) As the moment of writing this, eCS 2.2 Beta 2 did not have USB 3.0 support and the USB DVD will not be recognized to install it. So you need to turn off USB 3.0 on the BIOS.

eComStation CD Boot with Custom Settings

On this case I'm going to install eCS 2.2 with an external USB DVD Drive. So I need to boot the CD with custom settings to tell the installer that you are going to use an external USB CD/DVD drive.

Check out that on the eCS 2.2 manual at "2.2.4 eComStation BOOT OPTIONS: USB" [2]

1) Boot the CD with custom settings

2) Be sure that the following is selected on the options: - ACPI is enabled - AHCI is also enabled

3) Check the USB settings - Select that you are going to have USB CD/DVD - Select that you are going to install from the USB CD/DVD

Now you can press F10 (or Fn+F10 since there are some changed on the keyboard) and the eCS GUI installer will boot.