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Elementary 01.png
Version 1.9g (Nov 1997)
Author David DuPré
License Shareware
Download elem-os2.zip

Element.ary! for OS/2 uses your Internet connection to show you current information on your area of interest. The parts of the world this program covers change as the Internet changes. Currently, the coverage is world-wide for satellite images. Forecast information is expanding quickly; now included are US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. As more weather information becomes available, it's database updated these changes.

Other items of interest include: North American tide forecasts, United Kingdom sea reports, Caribbean maritime reports, (US, Australia, and Canada) severe weather information, and worldwide earthquake bulletins.

Updated information about everything from earthquakes and hurricanes to tornados and typhoons can be automatically downloaded. Element.ary! for OS/2 provides current access to visible and IR enhanced satellite images covering every continent, as well as radar images covering the continental United States. Full motion weather video of any continent can be viewed with the built-in MPEG player.

Have you ever watched the weather report on TV showing the clouds in motion? The same kind of movies are available on the Internet in MPEG format. You can download and play these movies with the included MPEG player. If you want to save one for play-back later, just save it using the menus in the player. When you save one, be sure to name the file with a '.MPG' extension.

Speech Enabled!
If you have BackTalk 1.3 for OS/2, be sure it's running before you retrieve a weather forecast. It will read you the current conditions for your US city of choice.
  • VX-REXX runtime library