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Lotus confirm support for OS/2

John Throckmorton is head of all SmartSuite operations at Lotus Development Corporation. He has released the following letter, originally submitted to Network World:


I believe that your article ("IBM treats 9-year-old OS/2 client like a second-class citizen", p. 15, Network World, Sept. 2, 1996) is unfair to Lotus and misrepresents our commitment to OS/2 customers. You claim that Lotus's decision to contract with Logica, Inc. for some development work on our OS/2 applications indicates that "IBM/Lotus has given up on developing OS/2 products." This statement is untrue. In fact, our decision to enlist an experienced OS/2 developer such as Logica, Inc. for a portion of the development work on our OS/2 applications is a sign that Lotus is especially commited to our customers and intends to release the best possible products to the OS/2 community.


John C. Throckmorton
Sr. Vice President
Business Applications Development

...make pre-release OS/2 products available

The following is taken from recent Lotus announcements:


Word Pro and Freelance Graphics 96 Edition for OS/2 Warp Pre-Release:

  • OS/2 Warp Version 3 with the latest OS/2 FixPak*
  • IBM compatible 486DX2 66 MHz or higher (Pentium recommended)
  • 16 MB RAM (24 MB recommended)
  • VGA or higher graphics card
  • OS/2 compatible CD-ROM drive
  • Word Pro: Hard drive with a minimum 16 MB available (36MB required for full install)
  • Freelance: Hard drive with a minimum 36 MB available (57MB required for full install)

Installation of the pre-requisite OS/2 FixPak will require up to an additional 18MB; OS/2 requires additional space for a swap file. Mouse optional but highly recommended.

  • Word Pro 96 and Freelance 96 both require an update to OS/2 Warp Version 3 to run properly. A corresponding IBM OS/2 FixPak is included at each location beta/pre-release code is available, with detailed release notes. We highly recommend you read the release notes before installing IBM's FixPak.
  • Compatibility with OS/2 Warp V4 (Merlin) - This initial build of Freelance will not yet install on OS/2 Warp V4. This build of Word Pro will work on OS/2 Warp V4 with some color changes in InfoBox. Work in progress with IBM's OS/2 team on OS/2 Warp V4 fixes.


Word Pro and Freelance Graphics are both now in pre-release for final testing, and are expected to go gold in Q4, shortly after IBM's new fall release of OS/2 Warp V4 (code named Merlin). Language plans have U.S. English targeted for shipment in early Dec, followed shortly by French, Italian, German, Spanish, Int'l English and Danish (FIGSE+D) for shipment by year end. Additional languages to follow in early 97.

What about the rest of the suite apps?

Remaining new native OS/2 suite applications, including 1-2-3, Approach, Organizer and ScreenCam, are on track for the first half of 97. Further details will be provided as we begin entering beta for each application later this year and into early 97.

Lotus plans to initially ship Word Pro 96 and Freelance 96 for OS/2 Warp together, followed by a suite release when all six new native OS/2 applications are available.

Other worldwide regional plans will be confirmed as we near shipment.

Further pricing and packaging details will be provided through existing contacts in each region as we near shipment.


Lotus Word Pro 96 and Freelance Graphics 96 for OS/2 Warp are the first two major releases of a completely new line up of SmartSuite applications for OS/2 Warp. These releases are designed with the needs of our enterprise OS/2 customers in mind, including common features and file formats with their Windows counterparts, and native OS/2 features to make OS/2 users feel at home on their platform of choice.

Below is a recap of top new feature areas:

Personal Productivity:
Getting Work Done Quickly and Easily Word Pro 96 and Freelance Graphics 96 for OS/2 Warp bring a host of new productivity and integration features to existing native OS/2 application users, many of whom are using Ami Pro 3.0 and Freelance 2.1 for OS/2. New to these releases are over a thousand new productivity features including the new Lotus Common User Interface with Lotus Common Menus, Lotus InfoBox, Lotus Status Bar and Divider Tabs, plus new SmartIcons, SmartAssistance, SmartCorrect, SmartMasters and more.

Additionally, both applications are 32-bit, native OS/2 Warp applications, including integration with the OS/2 Workplace Shell, Long File Name and OS/2 Template support, and the security of working in OS/2's proven true, pre-emptive, multitasking operating environment, plus, support for IBM's new speech navigation and dictation included in IBM's upcoming new release of OS/2 Warp V4. Imagine an insurance claims administrator verbally navigating menu commands to open a claim form, filling in the required information, then saving the form and mailing to the home office via NotesMail -- all without touching the computer! "Have you talked to your computer yet?"

The Internet/Intranet at Work
Breakthrough 'direct access to the internet' features were introduced in our 96 Editions suite applications and you'll find them in these new OS/2 versions as well. Word Pro and Freelance for OS/2 Warp include built-in tools that allow users to quickly and easily Find, Publish and Share information on the internet or internal company intranets -- open and save files directly on the internet, publish documents and presentations or design a home page, share information with people around the world.

For example, Freelance users can directly publish presentations to the internet for viewing from any Web browser, including Netscape's new version for OS/2 Warp. Our new OS/2 suite applications will immediately leverage OS/2's strength as an integrated out-of-the-box connectivity solution for major networks and servers, including the internet.

Staying Connected:
Collaboration Made Easy The new OS/2 suite apps include Lotus's breakthrough Team Computing features including TeamMail, TeamReview and TeamConsolidate for automating the process of collaborative work. Combine these powerful, Lotus-exclusive tools with growing internet and intranet connections around the world, and you've got the most powerful solution for working together on the planet!

Information You Need, Anywhere, Anytime
New SmartSuite for OS/2 Warp applications have the tools needed to access information from a variety of sources, wherever it currently resides -- internet or intranet, other applications, corporate databases, etc. File open directly from the Internet, extensive file compatibility for sharing work in mixed computing environments, and more.

Customization: Working the Way You Want and Creative Custom Solutions ANd, for corporate application developers, LotusScript is built-in, complete with support for REXX (OS/2's native programming language) programmability within LotusScript routines.

Free Upgrade to Warp Server

For a limited time only, customers that have purchased OS/2 Warp Server can obtain a copy of the upgrade to TME10 (TIVOLI Management Environment) NetFinity Server v4 for no additional charge.

To participate, customers that have purchased Warp Server must submit completed request form for the no charge TME10 NetFinity Server promotion to SMS Direct Services prior to 31 January 1997.

IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this promotion at any time.


This promotion provides OS/2 Warp Server customers with an opportunity to immediately upgrade their workgroup oriented system management tools to add management of Windows 95 clients, Windows NT clients, and Netware clients.

In addition, host connectivity, virus scanning, and license management administration, which are also a part of the recently announced TME10 Netfinty Server v4 product are being made available to OS/2 Warp Server customers for no charge.


All currently licensed users of OS/2 Warp Server Version 4 are eligible to receive the OS/2 Warp Server TME10 Promotional Offer for no additional charge by mailing or faxing the attached order form to IBM Software Manufacturing.

IBM Software Manufacturing Solutions
ATTN: Direct Services
Sortemosevej 21
DK-3450 Alleroed
Fax: 00 45 48101999

Only one copy of the OS/2 Warp Server TME10 Netfinity Server promotion will be shipped with each order submitted. Customers are eligible to make additional copies of the product up to the number that they have OS/2 Warp Server license entitlements as covered by Proof of Entitlement forms records in product packages or IPLA Use Packs; or covered by Software Advantage Workstations contract authorizations.


I, the Customer whose name appears on this form, certify that I hold Proof of Entitlements for the total quantity of the IBM OS/2 Warp Server Version 4 licenses, and its Use Pack licenses, and/or Use Based Feature indicated below. Upon IBM's request I agree to provide IBM with documentation to substantiate this quantity for a period of six months following the date of this certification.

The Warp Server TME10 Promotional Offer can be installed on each of the Server systems for which you have a valid Proof of Entitlement. For a copy of the OS/2 Warp Server, Version 4 program that is being updated the TME10 Promotion, original materials will be destroyed after receipt of the promotion. The provisions of the IBM International Program Licence Agreement will be applicable to the licensed copy of the OS/2 Warp Server TME10 Netfinity Server promotion received.

Specify language version that you want shipped by a check mark:

Check - Part Number - Language Version

_______ 65H1075 ----- English
_______ 65H1076 ----- Dutch
_______ 65H1077 ----- French
_______ 65H1078 ----- German
_______ 65H1079 ----- Italian
_______ 65H1080 ----- Spanish

Indicate below the number of Warp Server installations that will be upgraded with the TME10 promotion. Also indicate the total number of OS/2 Warp Server Use Based Features that are supported by the updated servers.

Product Name ------------------------ Quantity

IBM OS/2 Warp Server, Version 4 (including
Program Packages, Use Packs and Software
Advantage for Workstations)

IBM OS/2 Warp Server - Use Based Features
(Including Warp Connect attachments)

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