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1.Question. but what does TEAM OS/2 DO?

Answer: Team OS/2 is a state of mind: Team members are those who see that something needs to be done, and they figure out how to do it.

Their activities include:

  • starting and supporting OS/2 user groups
  • running OS/2 BBS's and online conferences
  • demoing OS/2 to user groups, at retail stores, and in other public places
  • encouraging others to install OS/2
  • helping support those who have it already by answering questions
  • and many other activities -- limited only by the unlimited imagination of teamers

Teamers include IBMers and non-IBMers world-wide. Membership in TEAM OS/2 is not limited to IBM employees (in fact, most members aren't IBMers at all)

2.Question. How can I join TEAM OS/2?

Answer: You are a part of Team OS/2 simply if you consider that you are actively promoting OS/2 and want to be part of it. But to get on the Team list, please send us the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Mailing address (Will be provided to vendors for mailings)
  • Phone number (will NOT be published)
  • Short description (for the public TEAM OS/2 list... if you'd like to put some info about your BBS or software product or anything you'd like made public, send it to us)

Also please let us know what you've been doing to promote the use of OS/2 and what led you to send us your name.

We will then put your name, city and state, and email address (of whichever systems you mention) in the public TEAM OS/2 list.

3.Question. How can I contact IBM's TEAM OS/2 Support?

Answer: Contact Janet Gobeille of IBM via one of the following. We prefer being contacted electronically rather than by telephone if possible.

  • Compuserve: Vicci Conway at 76711, 1123
  • Internet: teamos2@vnet.ibm.com
  • Fidonet: Janet Gobeille at 1:109/347.3479
  • Fax: Team OS/2 Support at 512 823-3252
  • Telephone: Jeff Mallon at 512 823-1682
4.Question. How can I find out more about Team OS/2?

Answer: Read the Team OS/2 newsletter. It's uploaded to most electronic networks in an area for OS/2 files. It's available on Compuserve, Internet, Fidonet, GEnie, America Online, and others. Look for TNEWnn.ZIP (TNEW04.ZIP is the current version). This is put out monthly by IBM in INF format.

Team members 'hang out' on various electronic networks: on Compuserve there is a Team OS/2 area. There is an international TEAMOS2 echomail conference on Fidonet (and some regional ones). There is a regular Team OS/2 online conference on GEnie. All the details are in the newsletter.

At this time, the newsletter is only distributed electronically and in INF format. Any IBMer should be able to get a copy for you if you can't get it on another network. (It is available as part of TEAMOS2 PACKAGE on MKTTOOLS). However, if you can't find any way to get this newsletter, please contact us at TEAMOS2@vnet.ibm.com and let us know how you'd prefer it be made available. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you.