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FTP Browser is a powerful and intuitive FTP solution for OS/2 that features drag and drop, server to server and directory tree transfers accross a variety of hosts. Resume is supported both in download and upload.


  • FTP site manager that stores sites in folders
  • References to site objects on the Desktop
  • Drag and drop enabled for transfers, queueing, site manipulation and more
  • Ping feature to test site responsiveness before connecting
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections to the same site
  • Multiple and simultaneous transfers to the same site
  • Graphical file transfer display
  • Host redialing for busy sites
  • Seamless reconnects for lost connections
  • Automatically resume interrupted transfers, resume partially transferred files
  • Transfer queue for storing items to transfer
  • Recursive directory tree transfers and deletes
  • Server to server tree and file transfers
  • Configurable file associations for viewing downloaded files
  • Communications log with save to file option
  • Hooks for command file execution after file transfers
  • Download information optionally written to file EAs
  • Drag and drop color and font configurability


Unzip and run install.exe. To apply Y2K patches:

lxlite -X+ -B- ftpbrows.exe
patch ftpbrowspatch.pat /a
lxlite -X- -B- ftpbrows.exe
lxlite -X+ -B- ftpbtran.exe
patch /a ftpbtranpatch.pat
lxlite -X- -B- ftpbtran.exe

If after installation you have problems saving new sites, delete FTPBADDR.INI.