Few minutes with Bernie Walp, SF, USA!

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By Kim Haverblad

To fullfill the part of being a community site we also want to reach out to the users around the world! So we sent out a few questions to Bernie Walp, 47 years old who lives in San Francisco, United States.

Q: What is Your occupation/profession?

A: Research assistant

Q: How long have you been using OS2?

A: Started version 2.1 in 1994; have upgraded since then.

Q: What version of OS2 are You current using?

A: Warp 4 with Fixpack 13

Q: What is Your favorite OS2 software?

A: All the emx-based Gnu and Unix ports, including especially gcc, EmTeX & Ghostscript. Also the MKS Toolkit.

Q: What application will you like to be made/ported for OS2?

A:Current versions of Netscape

Q: Any others comments regarding the OS2 community?

A: The Euopeans seem far ahead of us North Americans. Thank goodness for the Web.