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50 Reasons To Use OS/2 2.1

  1. Preemptive Multitasking.
  2. 32-bit Operating System
  3. DOS and Windows 3.1 Support
  4. Better memory management than both DOS and Windows 3.1 combined.
  5. Built-in programming language REXX.
  6. More customizable than Windows
  7. Doesn't need DOS to run. Does away with DOS overhead.
  8. Faster printing than Windows 3.1
  9. Crash Protection
  10. Good networking capabilities
  11. Virus resistant
  12. Choice of FAT or HPFS file system
  13. HPFS is faster than FAT
  14. A new release of OS/2 at least once a year.
  15. OS/2 2.1 is currently outselling Windows 3.1
  16. There will most likely be an OS/2 for CHICAGO in the future.
  17. Comes with plenty of productive applications
  18. OS/2 has a great BBS for its support. (919)517-0001
  19. Each session in OS/2 is separate from the other, therefore providing "true" crash protection.
  20. IBM has included full support for the handicapped in OS/2 2.1
  21. Good multimedia software included
  22. Runs any DOS and Windows programs
  23. Lots of good-looking bitmaps for background.
  24. OS/2 uses virtual memory, which means more memory than you actually have on your system.
  25. A full line of Lotus(tm) products. (IBM just renewed their contract with Lotus.)
  26. Power PC support, which OS/2 will eventually be the main operating system of the Power PC.
  27. Better security than Windows 3.1
  28. OS/2 was here before Windows was.
  29. OS/2 2.1 has won "Operating System Of The Year" award by all the major trade magazines.
  30. The design of OS/2 is very productive, and has been proven more productive than Windows in lab tests by all the major computer magazines.
  31. Support For Micro Channel Architecture.
  32. Support For PCMCIA
  33. Team OS/2 is a good organization for OS/2 advocacy.
  34. Has a good solitaire and chess program.(both with cheat features)
  35. 2.88 mb disk drive support
  36. Corel Draw for OS/2
  37. Norton Commander For OS/2
  38. Gammatech Utilities for OS/2 HPFS & FAT (like Norton Utilities)
  39. Lots of good shareware for OS/2
  40. Full 16450 and 16550 support.
  41. Faster communications under OS/2 than under DOS or Windows
  42. Good floptical disk support.
  43. It's a better, more secure programming platform than Windows 3.1
  44. OS/2 does all its own caching, giving itself more control over your system.
  45. Run winapps seamlessly from the desktop.
  46. More international support for OS/2 because of all of IBM's locations.
  47. OS/2=Three For The Price Of One
  48. Stacker For OS/2
  49. Borland C++ For OS/2
  50. The OS/2 logo just looks nice!