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Version 2.02 (Oct 1999)
Author Bruce Henry
License Freeware

File Freedom is a PM file manager with an uncluttered, easy-to-use interface. It is designed to be a quick and efficient utility that excels in file management and is also easy to use.


In fact, you will find in File Freedom advanced features not found in other file managers. It also provides two harmonious, yet distinct methods of file management: Drag and Drop for those who prefer it, and its native method which is quite fast and easy.

In addition to the basic file operations such as copy, move, rename, delete and changing attributes, File Freedom also supports advanced features such as the capability to look inside a zip file WITHIN a zip file, and configurable timers to automatically refresh the drive table and file folders if you are using File Freedom on a network. Other recent features include a system of Directory Bookmarks that allow quick access to frequently used directories, an Auto-Scroll implementation that speeds selecting or unmarking of files with the mouse, and an Append operation that allows text files to be joined together.

  • Configurable Timers to allow automatic refresh of Drive Table and File Folders
  • Append text files to a master file.
  • Pop-up Menu
  • Dynamic display and writing of Volume Labels.
  • Copy or Delete complete directory tree structures as easily as files
  • Calculate the total size of all files within a directory tree structure
  • Create directories 'on the fly' with copy/move operations
  • Directory Bookmarks for quick access to frequently used directories.
  • Auto-Scroll while selecting files with mouse
  • Create Desktop Objects from program files
  • Sliding windows
  • Toolbar - Vertical/Horizontal/Hide
  • Dynamic Pushbutton descriptions on status bar
  • Pushbutton support for search tool (PMSeek or User-Defined)
  • Unlimited Third-Party Viewer support
  • Support for eight User-Defined programs - OS/2-Windows-Dos
  • Support for Rexx scripts with Viewers and User programs
  • File Filters
  • Four different file views including detailed
  • Sort files by Age, Name, Date or Extension in Ascending or Descending order
  • Drag and drop colours and fonts
  • a Pushbutton for your favourite Editor - OS/2-Windows-Dos
  • Hot-Keys (Accelerator Keys)
  • Drag and Drop file management
  • Menu bar
  • Dynamic display of Total Files and Bytes Selected, Total Bytes Free on Source and Destination, File count
  • An internal Settings Notebook for configurable options
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Integrated support for Info-Zip's Zip and Unzip utilities
  • One button Zipping of Files, Directory Trees and Drives
  • One button Unzipping
  • Unzip to New Directory created automatically with same name as zip
  • Built in Zip Viewer

Support for Info-Zip's ZIP and UNZIP has been smoothly integrated. One button zipping, unzipping and testing of archives is now accompanied by a built-in Zip File Viewer for peering inside of zip files. It allows all other viewers (graphics viewers, wav players, etc.) configured in File Freedom to be used inside a zip file. It also allows the user to look inside a zip file WITHIN a zip file, and again, all configured viewers can be used to examine files in this second layer. Single file extraction and deletion is also supported within the Zip Viewer.