Floppy drive does not recognize when a diskette is replaced

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Last Updated: 5th December, 1994


Floppy drive does not recognize when a diskette is replaced.


Some floppy diskette drives.


Some diskette drives provide a signal to indicate that the media has changed ("change line"). Normally the IBM1FLPY.ADD driver determines this status at startup time, but in some cases it appears to be in error.


First, look at the available options for the IBM1FLPY.ADD driver in the Warp Command Reference by typing HELP BASEDEV at a command prompt and then selecting the entry for IBM1FLPY. Don't overlook the Examples page.

Second, see what the IBM1FLPY driver <thinks> the drive is providing by adding a /V (verbose) switch to the driver line in CONFIG.SYS and rebooting. If there is text of the form ...Options: CL+..., then the driver thinks that the drive is providing such a signal.

Finally, to override an incorrect assumption for (say) both diskette drives, modify the IBMFLPY line in CONFIG.SYS to look like the following:


If you're unclear on these options, go back and check them in the Command Reference.

Frank McKenney