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Version 3.0a (1997)
Vendor PVsoft
Author Cliff Cullum
License Shareware

FontFolder is a native OS/2 Font Manager that allows you to easily use large collections of Type 1 fonts in OS/2 without bogging down the system or generating hopelessly long font selection lists in applications. You can have rapid access to hundreds or even thousands of fonts while keeping only a small number actually installed in OS/2 at any time.


  • Simple point and click operations make font installation and removal fast and easy.
  • Create FontPacks, named collections of fonts, that can be installed and removed as a single unit.
  • Use fonts directly from font CD-ROMs, saving hard disk space.
  • Font Browser permits rapid browsing of fonts without installing them. Fonts can be installed and printed while browsing so you can search for the fonts you want and then install them immediately or print samples for later examination.
  • Organize your fonts in up to 100 customized font libraries by whatever criteria makes sense to you.
  • Store font files in whatever hard disk directories are convenient. FontFolder does not try to move hard disk font files when installing fonts.
  • Pre-registered libraries for popular font CD-ROMs save you the time and trouble of building your own libraries for these CD-ROMs.
  • Print a variety of font related sample sheets, whether or not the fonts are currently installed in OS/2.
    • Specimen Sheets - various text samples of single font
    • Character Sets - all characters for current code page for single font
    • Font Catalog - one line samples of a collection of fonts
    • Font List - file names and locations for a collection of fonts
  • Supports duplex printing, customization of margins, descriptive fonts, text used in print samples.