Fred Gerlach Must Have Software

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By Fred Gerlach

Pmmail.gif PMMail PMMail - small, quick, and feature packed e-mail client available for OS/2.
enews.gif - 1.1 K] Emtec Newsreader A Part of the Emtec Network Suite, some people find the interface quirky, but it has the features that I use and works well
Zoc.gif - 0.3 K] Zap-O-Com A Great communications package for OS/2.
gtirc.gif - 1.1 K] Gammatech IRC A great IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for OS/2
ftpbrs.gif - 1.2 K] FTP Browser I still use a text mode ftp for most things, but when I want a graphical interface, I use this program
jview.gif - 1.2 K] Jview I use this for browsing through my image collection. Comes in two versions "lite" and a "Pro" version with some editing capability
ns2ico.gif - 1.2 K Netscape Navigator/2 The OS/2 native version of the World's most popular Web browser
wordpro.gif - 1.3 K Lotus WordPro/2 Lotus WordPro Word Processor, part of Smartsuite '96 for OS/2
acro.gif - 0.2 K] Adobe Acrobat/2 A utility to use .PDF formatted documents. Now capable of running as a Plugin under Netscape/2 as well as stand-alone mode
bentl.gif - 1.0 K Bentley MicroStation/2 A powerful CAD (Computer Aided Design) package available natively for OS/2
obdsk.gif - 1.2 K Object Desktop Object Desktop is an enhancement for the OS/2 Workplace Shell
pmstr.gif - 1.3 K PM Stripper A PM based utility to remove HTML coding from documents while retaining proper document formatting. Very configurable.