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It is my pleasure to introduce you to Warp Online. We have worked hard to make this premier issue a special one.

In recent years it seems as if there has been a lack of good-quality OS/2 journalism and media sources dedicated to this huge and growing market. While often shunned by the mainstream media, OS/2 has legions of highly dedicated, extremely intelligent users who, we believe, will crave the latest in information, tips and discussion related to OS/2.

We are not, and never will be, a "balanced" computer magazine with equal time given to other operating systems. There are plenty of magazines that supposedly hold themselves to that standard. We will however be "balanced" when it comes to OS/2 - we hope you will find fair software reviews, solid articles, and insightful commentary on our shared interest.

One thing that is different is that this magazine will be published exclusively on the World Wide Web. While most other computer magazines have only limited presence on the Web, this magazine depends on it. When trying to decide how to get started with this journal, the minor expense involved in publishing on the Web as opposed to paper made the decision very easy. After all, most Warp users purchased the software at least in part because of the superior Internet connectivity in the box, so we think it is safe to bring you this journal online.

Your comments and letters are always welcome. Hypertext links to our electronic mail addresses are on the masthead on the previous page and will be included whenever possible inside each article written so you can give your instant response.

Thanks again for "picking up a copy" of Warp Online. We hope you will visit us again and become one of our "subscribers". :)

John McDonald


Warp Online